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xemacs error with ctrl-z!

My xemacs 20.4 has a nasty characteristic when I hit "Ctrl-Z" to
suspend it.  The cursor jumps to the bottom of the screen, and
everything moves up one line.  Typically, as with plain emacs, I get a
prompt, but with the xemacs I have installed, this does not happen.  I
can type away, anything, to my heart's content, and nothing happens.
The characters are echoed on the screen, but have no effect.  I tried
hitting Ctrl-Z again, but that does nothing.  I tried the following
commands: reset, clear, fg, bg, exit...  none of them had any effect.
I also tried the xemacs exit command "Ctrl-X Ctrl-C" and that didn't
do anything.

If I hit Ctrl-C, xemacs asks me if I want to autosave, then dumps core
and exits!  What gives?  Has anyone else had this problem?

Note: this is only on the console -- Ctrl-Z seems to be okay under X.

Any help?


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