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Two problems, PCI Modem and Suspend locks up terminal

I have two problems.  I am running bo on both my desktop computer and my
laptop.  I have been very please with both.

Problem #1:
I have recently installed a PCI modem in my desktop and the kernel doesn't
recognize the PCI device.  The bios reports it as:

Simple COMM Controller (I assume that this means a serial port.)

If anyone has ideas I'd love to hear them.

Problem #2:
I have a Dell Latitude M233XT laptop running Bo.  I have it setup so that it
enter suspend mode/standby when I close the lid.  After I open the lid and
it resumes, it will be fine for 5 to 30 seconds and then will lock up the
virtual console I am on.  It only locks the one console and I can't switch
to another with the ALT-F? keys.  I can telnet into it through the network
and shutdown just fine, so it has to be just the one console.  Also, this
problem does not happen if I am on the Xwindows console when I close the

Both systems are running Kernel 2.0.33.

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