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NCR53C700 SCSI adapter driver module

I've been trying to install the Debian Linux distribution (version 2.0.34)
and have been able to boot my system from the rescue disk but get stuck at
the point of partitioning the hard drive since I can't access my SCSI hard
drive (or CD-ROM). 
The machine in questions is an NCR 3434 (486-66) with the following
	- Micro channel (MCA) bus
	- NCR53C700 SCSI adapter (address 0x300, IRQ 5, SCSI ID 7)
	- Seagate ST41600N hard drive (1.37 Gb, SCSI ID 6)
	- Toshiba XM-6201TA CD-ROM (SCSI ID 5)
Apparently I need a driver for the NCR53C700 adapter.  So far I've been
unable to find a driver module for this particular adapter.  (I found
source code, but without a functional Linux system I'm unable to compile
I've also tried loading Linux 2.0.25 from the "Linux Universe" CD, which
allegedly supports the NCR53C700.  This version locks up during
initialization - the last message I see is "pci_init: no BIOS32 detected". 

I am able to run MS-DOS on this machine, so all of the hardware is working.
I'm hoping if I can locate a copy of ncr53c7xx.o I'll be able to insmod it
from the shell option of the rescue disk and finish the installation.  

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
K. Schopp


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