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RE: Problems with a MUD


On 14-Aug-98 David L. Kocher wrote:
>  Hi all you Debian Guru's,
>  My server admin recently switched to Debian from an older version of
>  linux, now I'm having some problems compiling a MUD.  Now, before I tell
>  you the problems I'll tell you how I went about fixing it.... the mud
>  was compiled using -lcrypt (gcc -o -lcrypt *.o), and I have included
>  <unistd.h> in the two files where the problem occured.
>  Now, when I compile the mud this is what I recieve..... *Actual
>  transcript follows*
>  gcc  -o -lcrypt act_comm.o act_info.o act_move.o act_obj.o act_wiz.o

You are not linking in the crypt library here.  You are, infact, linking
all of the listed .o files into one big file called '-lcrypt'!

Instead use 'gcc -o mud -lcrypt act_comm.o ...' and the executable will
be called 'mud'.

>  comm.o cons
>  t.o db.o fight.o handler.o magic.o save.o special.o update.o bit.o mem.o
>  olc.o o
>  lc_act.o olc_save.o string.o mob_commands.o mob_prog.o gr_magic.o id.o
>  chat_new.
>  o interp.o chat_act.o ore_prog.o quest.o raceskill.o act_room.o track.o
>  -lc
>  act_info.o: In function `do_password':
>  act_info.o(.text+0x7030): undefined reference to `crypt'
>  act_info.o(.text+0x70bc): undefined reference to `crypt'
>  comm.o: In function `nanny':
>  comm.o(.text+0x2613): undefined reference to `crypt'
>  comm.o(.text+0x283f): undefined reference to `crypt'
>  comm.o(.text+0x28d3): undefined reference to `crypt'
>  make: *** [envy] Error 1
>  greynet:~/obliv/src$
>  Now, I have noticed there is a crypt.h file, however... when I include
>  this it gives me a crap load of errors.
>  Any thoughts, comments or anything would be welcome :)
>  Thanks in Advance
>  David L. Kocher


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