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Xwrapper & Netscape problems

I just installed Debian 2.0 on my new Dual PentiumPro box.

IMHO, It's got some real plusses, and some definite minuses as cmpared
to RH 5.x...

My real problem right now, is that X seems to have installed itself
without Xwrapper, and only root can launch X!  I don't want to setuid
the xserver, and I can't find a .deb for the wrapper.

Also, the Netscape .deb packages from contrib seem very broken. They
will not install, complaining that original .tgz files must be named
specifically, located in /tmp, and owned by root. I suppose I could
get the originals from NS, but that sort of defeats the purpose of
maintaining a package system.  

I used alien to convert RedHat's Netscape 4 .rpm's to .deb.  These
installed with dpkg, but do not function.  The executable exits,
reporting it will not allow execution as root (!).  Is this related to
missing Xwrapper?  I have su'd as a regular user (as non root cannot
launch X) and Netscape barfs, unable to copy files to the home
directory ("* not found").

All in all, I was interested in the technical superiority touted for
the new Debian (particularly the management of legacy libs), and have
been inclined towards a more "GNUishly blessed OS.  I hope someone can
help here, otherwise I slink back to RedHat...


Jeremiah Cornelius
"Been there, done that, and have the T-shirt."

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