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Re: Troubles: x11amp, eplus, searching libs, SLab.........

phillip Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> I discover that when i want to here some music with x11amp, i must boot
> my system with the "default" kernel image. I cannot play any mp3 with
> x11amp when i boot using my custom image.
> In the kenrel options of sound i have:
>         Sound card support (Module)
>         SB support
>         /dev/dsp and /dev/audio support
>         MIDI interface support
>         FM synthesizer support
>         IO, IRQ, DMA stuff (not default)
> i have try to enable "Additional low level driver" and "ACI mixer", but
> nothing.

	Did you also compile the modules for your custom kernel and install
them?  Did you compile module support into the kernel?  What does
'insmod sound' say?

> The same go for ePLus. When i want to execute ePlus, i must be using the
> default image kernel too. when using my custom kernel eplus said:
> "Shared Memory Error: Function not implemented"

	Don't know what eplus is, sorry.

> I have kernel 2.0.34., maybe sould i upgrade to a newer one??
> I'm looking to the lib "libsrgp.so.1". I think is could be somthing to
> do with SVGAlib, is there a quick way to know what package sould i
> install to get libX.X.X ??

	The easiest way for me is to run dselect and do a search.  Once on the
selection screen, type '/' and type in 'srgp'. That should take you to
the first package related to srgp.  Use '\' to continue the search.  The
combo of '/' and '\' will take you to every package with 'srgp' in its

> Someone recommend me Slab. the description sounds great, but i canot use
> it. It said:
> " ./mixslab
> Application initialization failed: Can't find a usable init.tcl in the
> following directories:
>     /usr/local/tcl/lib/tcl8.0 /temporal/slab/lib/tcl8.0
> /temporal/tcl8.0b1/library /temporal/slab/library
> This probably means that Tcl wasn't installed properly.
> "
> I know i have TCL8.0 installed. find said me its in /usr/lib. What sould
> i do? i tyr to put the tcl path in the path.

	Does slab allow configuration of paths?  For tcl8.0, init.tcl is in
/usr/lib/tcl8.0/init.tcl.  Use 'dpkg -S init.tcl' to verify.  I'm
assuming slab isn't provided as a deb package (couldn't find it in
dselect), so maybe slab needs to be recompiled with different
parameters, like looking for tcl stuff in usr/lib/tcl8.0/.  If you
installed the debian version of tcl8.0, then I think the problem is with

Ed C.

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