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Re: daily thinkpad 770 ed post :-)

On Thu, 6 Aug 1998, Steve Hsieh wrote:

> The only way we were able to get our thinkpad to boot debian was to
> rebuild the kernel using 'make zimage' instead of 'bzimage'. The tecra fix
> doesn't work for 2.0.34 or above for us.  The other alternative is to use
> the development 2.1.1xx kernel. A make zimage for that does work. 

DUH! I have a PC that will not tolerate a make bzimage either and I forgot
all about that! One thing, I do not think the default Debian kernel will
fit in a zImage build, you will need to eliminate some things that you
might not need to run. The debian kernel compiles in quite a few SCSI
drivers, for example, that you can eliminate of you have an IDE system.

George Bonser

Given enough time and money, Microsoft will invent Linux.

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