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Re: Debian backup software.

David Welton wrote:
> Hi, I need to back up 4 or 5 local Debian boxes, and am wondering
> which of the various backup programs included in Debian have worked
> well for people.  I've had a look at afbackup and tob, and they seem
> *ok*, but nothing spectacular.  I am more interested in something that
> is safe and simple... I am not very knowledgable about these sorts of
> things, and I want something I can get a handle on quickly, and trust,
> rather that something that perhaps has more functionality, but might
> mess me up if I goof up a config or something...
> Thanks for your time,
> --
> David Welton                          http://www.efn.org/~davidw
>         Debian GNU/Linux - www.debian.org

	FWIW, I have a tape drive, and use the 'taper' prog.  I like it.


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