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RE: Stuck In Limbo

I would *really* recommend staying with hamm. All development and
quite a lot of users are going to be moving forward with hamm.

It sounds like your only problem is with getting packages to install
with dselect - correct ?

Is deselect not able to get the list of available files ?

Or is the installation of packages not working ?
Probably the simplest, if you know what package you want installed, 
is to go to the directory where the package is, and execute the 
command (as root):

dpkg -i package_name.deb

If the package doesn't have any dependancies, it will install just
fine. If it does have dependancies, then it won't install - however
the solution is fairly simple.

Just start dselect, go strait to [S]elect. dselect will automatically
select the dependancies for the package you wanted to install above, so
you don't have to scroll through the files to find the dependant files.

After finishing resolving the dependancies, continue the installation,
and things *should* go well.

Let me know if the real problem is that dselect doesn't know how to
find the files in the distribution. 

Thanks !
Geoff Brimhall

On 03-Aug-98 Cristov Russell wrote:
> Hi all
> I recently tried installing hamm and unfortunately failed.  The base
> install is fine but I can't install any packages.  I decided that I
> would go back to bo and learn with it since I'm new to Linux and I did
> not have as much problems installing packages with it.  
> I no longer have the install disk images for bo and can not find them
> on ftp.debian.org.  I really don't want to switch flavors from what
> I've read about the others but I do want to have a version that I can
> use.  If someone can help me fix hamm that would be fantastic but I
> already posted that question and got no response.   If someone could
> show me where to look for bo that would be more than acceptable right
> now since I would have something instead of nothing and I can figure
> out hamm later.
> Cristov Russell
> wolfsong333@yahoo.com
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