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Re: Was the release of Debian 2.0 put on Linux Announce?

On 08/03/98 at 02:27 AM, George Bonser <grep@shorelink.com> said:

>Manoj, I find that remark disturbing. That is who you are writing the
>software for. The luser community produces the developers over time.
>Without a stong and vital user base, you will not attract a good
>developer community. If something happens to make Debian user-hostile
>and your user base dwindles, you will find that your developer base
>will dwindle as well. 

Stop right there!  The luser community doesn't produce developers (at
least such cases are very rare).  I'm no where near a developer, yet I'm
even further away from being a luser.  Given a few years I may/will
become a developer, but until then I'll still be classed as geek, junior
grade on Linux full fledged on other sysytems.

I may not develope, but I sure contribute to the best of my ability (buy
the CDs, evangalize, and only carry hardware that is linux friendly).


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