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Re: Was the release of Debian 2.0 put on Linux Announce?

On 3 Aug 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> 	Skilled. Hmm. What version is Solaris? Has it reached 98 yet?
>  Guess they shall move on to become skilled Windows 98 admins then?
>  Would they like us better if we called it version 100000000000002.1?
>  Man, that would beat all them operating systems out there.

THere are still a great many Solaris, HP-UX, and Irix admins who have
heard the word Linux but that is about the extent of their exposure. Many
still laugh with Linux is mentioned.

As I mentined earlier, they do not understand at first that the version
numbers are for the distributions, not of Linux itself. They are used to
dealing in a world where things have particular versions. They know HP-UX
10.20 or Solaris 2.5.1 but they can not understand different versions of
the same OS being the same until it is explained to them. They would not
understand Sun Solaris at 2.6 and WonderWare Solaris at 4.1. 

THe next thing out of their mouth is that they wonder how incompatable the
different distributions are and most at that point dismiss Linux because
they just do not have the time to sort it all out. They are busy and do
not intend to become a hobbyist. If they try Linux, they go with Red Hat
because it is "the standard". All other distributions are seen as fringe
efforts by these people. THey look at the commercial applications
providers such as Applix, Informix, etc. and note that few if any ship
other than Red Hat, Caldera, or S.u.S.E. versions of their applications.
Try to talk Debian to them and they dismiss it saying they just do not
have the time.

George Bonser

Microsoft! Which end of the stick do you want today?

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