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Re: PLIP Connection to Win95

On: Sat, 1 Aug 1998 21:45:58 -0600 David Karlin writes:
> I have two boxes; call them lin and win.
> 	hostname	ip address		netmask
> 	lin
> 	win
> I believe that win's network adapter has been properly configured;
> It can ping it's loopback and its network adapter.  After reading
> the NAG manual section on PLIP connections, I booted lin and did the
> following:
> 	#ifconfig
> 	(info on "lo" displayed; all looked good.)

Well, there is a interface for the plip missing.

> 	#route add default gw
> 	SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable.

I you just have the loopback interface, there is no way for your
computer to reach the network.

I haven't used plip so far, but a command sequence like:

	ifconfig plip1 pointopoint
	route add default gw

should do it (note, you can substitute the ip addresses by their
symbolic name if you want).

I have found this information in my printed copy of NAG, you should
look at chapter 5 (Configuring TCP/IP Networking), section "The PLIP
Interface", pp 69f.


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