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Mouse died after PCMCIA setup

I've got a hamm system. I've had the PCMCIA services and the mouse working
at the same time, but this was several wipe/reinstalls ago (I'm still early
in the learning stage).

The last reinstall I did I forgot to enable PCMCIA during the install. So I
put it on the back burner.

Finally I've gotten X working (minimally), so I decided to download/install
Netscape (via ethernet not PCMCIA modem), and while in dselect, I saw the
PCMCIA package and remembered that I needed to get that also.

After the reboot that the PCMCIA package suggested (because of a replaced
kernel or something - 2.0.34 w/PCMCIA for 2.0.34), everything came back up
except for the mouse. I ran gpmconfig, and everything seems fine, except
the mouse doesn't work (no visible cursor at least).

Win95 reported my PCMCIA modem as being on COM3 (this was before I wiped
Win95 off); my mouse is on /dev/ttyS1 (which I understand to be what DOS
calls COM2) which is where it belongs.

Any clues? As I was writing this, I had the thought that maybe Debian
somehow moved the modem to com2, which is clobbering the mouse. How would I
check this?

Also, in DOS, I could "echo atdt5555555 > com2" at the DOS prompt to see if
the modem dials that number, then "echo atz > com2" to hang it up. Is there
anything comparable I can do in Linux, or do I need a terminal program such
as minicom to do any manual dialing/testing?

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