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MCA debian Thinkpad

hi I am a debian-user-wannabe because I have a 
thinkpad 720 4mb ram hd 120mb esdi and I am tired
of looking for a linux distribution that works with MCA/ESDI
I found a web page that have a bootdisk and a modules drivers disk
and a patch disk and have a story about this person and the installation
of debian 1.3 (http://mojo.calyx.net/~bri/projects/debian/MCA/)
with this disks all works until I reach the point of install the base
system but I do not find the 1.2 or 1.3  debian base disks set anywhere in
the web or ftp server, with the 2.0 base disks set that I found in
www.debian.org don't find my esdi hd either so if anyone can help 
me please do it, I am having a bad time here!

thank you very much

       	        		Alan Maciel 

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