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Smail routers error

I have 2 Debian machines with smail 3.2
Everything worked fine for 3 months, but suddenly few days ago stopped.
When I try to mail to snickers.ek.univ.gda.pl from voruta.ek.univ.gda.pl
I get an error Xdefer: rafi@snickers.ek.univ.gda.pl reason: (ERR164) 
router inet_hosts: BIND server failure: : Connection timed out

The same error is on the snickers mailing to voruta.
It is very strange, because mail to other internet hosts works perfectly and worked perfectly to these hosts as well few days ago.
There was NO configuration, or some changing in all system, so I have no idea why suddenly mail systems started to "do not like" each other.

there is my /etc/smail/routers config:
        driver=gethostbyaddr, transport=smtp;
        check_for_local, fail_if_error

        driver=bind, transport=smtp;
        defer_no_connect, -local_mx_okay, defnames,

Thank's very much for help

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