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Minicom OK, PPP very slow!

Last night I did a brand new install of 2.0. All went well and I wanted to
get ppp going. 

I saved the distribution ppp files and put in my old options, options.ttyS3,
net-connect, and net-chat files. 

When I run pppd it connects and I get an IP and everything works, except it
is *extremely* slow. 

tail -f /var/log/messages reports that it has connected at 9600 baud (not
sure why so slow)

but if I ping the host I get 50% lost packets and loop time of approx

(What is that, 60 seconds per packet??!!)

Even trying to telnet is impossible. 

Now, if I connect with minicom, it reports that it has connected at 56k and
works nicely. 

I'm pretty sure that this is a new version of ppp and I suspect that things
work differently and that I may need to configure differently. It works with
the old files, but not correctly. 

I can provide any info that is necessary. 

Thank you, 


Ed Young                        (303)706-5425
Email: ed.young@echostar.com
Echostar Technology Corporation
Software Engineering
Englewood, Colorado

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