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Re: Maintaining the operating environment Questions:

On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, G. Kaplan wrote:

> Is there any way to determine the distribution source of an installed
> module ?
Not sure what you're asking here.

> Suppose I wanted to maintain a system through  dpkg  , where is it
> reasonable to store files that are not part of the current standard
> distribution; but are:
> 1. a properly defined .deb package,
These can be handled by dpkg -- even if they're not in the "current
distribution",  it'll install them and keep track of them for you.  It'll
mark them as Obselete/Local in its package listing (because they don't
fit in its current notion of what the distribution is,  but otherwise
with no side effects), but won't complain about installing or managing
them for you.

> 2. a properly defined .rpm package
Use "alien" to convert it to a .deb and then see #1.

> 3. a primary module i.e. .xyz.tar.gz
Generally it's safest to untar, compile and install these with
prefix=/usr/local ... debian packages won't touch anything under
/usr/local,  so nothing will get overwritten or anything.  In general,  a
lot of stuff you compile from tarballs yourself has a default install
under /usr/local.

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