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Re: Problem with SCSI CD-ROM

Hi Jens Ritter; unless Mutt is confused, you wrote:
> Did you grab an image from the mirror and burned that, or did you
> generate your own images for burning? Where did you get it from?

I haven't done it myself, but one of the debian maintainers did it for me.
Don't know the answer to that one. sorry...

> Does this happen every time on the same file or on different files?
> The first indicates a broken image/cd, the latter problems with the
> hardware. 

It happens on the different files. Not always to the same extent, though.
Sometimes it will just spit out whole pile of "raw-data" addresses, and I can
unmount the /cdrom cleanly, though the light on the CDrom drive will stay on
until I actually eject the CD by hand.

> [reboot necessary because system hangs]
> This really should not happen. Even if the kernel barfs loudly on the
> image, it should be able to recover... 

I was trying to get the syslog to the moment of the crash, but couldn't get
exact point from the logs. Will look some more if that is of benefit to
anyone. This hang-up happened while I was in the X-win, running Netscape and
xconsole at the same time as trying to cp gcc binary from the CD. I know that
xconsole had whole pile of "raw data" crap as described by the original
poster (which is what I 'normally' see every time I use that CD), but than all
of a sudden I saw a message of SCSI-bus reset ( I had that happen before on
that CD, but system recovered by itself- only running VC at the time- one user
only), some PID being killed ( I didn't write it down...) and whole system
hung. My screen was unaffected ie I could still see everything, but mouse was
frozen, I couldn't get Ctrl-Alt-F2 (or F3 or F4 ...), I couldn't kill the
X-session, even Ctrl-Alt-Delete wouldn't do a thing. I waited for three hours
for the system to recup without success. I than powered it down, being ready
to boot off floppies, but boot-up was fine, just mentioned in the boot-up
messages, that shutdown was not done cleanly. I can't telnet, since it is only
a single computer. What is -MARK- for? I have that now regulary since I
upgraded to full hamm/stable...

I hope this helps somebody out there to at least get a hint at where the
problem is.


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