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installing current disks---old machine

I have tested the current resc1440-fast.bin rescue disk on a 386
motherboard with no hard drive.    (Another garbage can PC
for my classroom.)    There isn't any hard drive yet in the system,
but I thought I'd try to boot the rescue disk.  

After loading the linux kernel and uncompressing, the disk says it
will now boot the kernel; however, it just tried to reboot, and goes
back to square one.

Is this due to lack of a hard disk, or some other problem?

Alan Davis

Alan E. Davis                       Marianas High School (Science Department)     
AAA196, Box 10001    adavis@netpci.com   http://www.saipan.netpci.com/~adavis   
Saipan, MP  96950    15.16oN 145.7oE    GMT+10       Northern Mariana Islands

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