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Re: log file rotation in hamm...

Shaleh wrote (Thu, 30 Jul 1998 14:00:56 -0400 ):
|>Alan Su wrote:
|>> Well, this is only half the solution; if i simply exit the script
|>> without doing anything, i don't get the daily rotations.  however, i
|>> don't get the weekly ones either (which is what i want).
|>> -alan
|>So move the script from daily to weekly.  Then it gets run when you want
|>it to be.

i could do that.  it just feels a little strange since
'syslogd-listfiles' is supposed to output the list of logs to rotate
daily, and 'syslogd-listfiles --weekly' is supposed to do the same for
those to be rotated weekly.

moving the script doesn't seem like it should be the "Debian Way".
how would i go about making the ppp log file rotate daily (for
example)?  this isn't going to be possible using syslogd-listfiles, as
far as i can tell.

anyway, this isn't that big a deal to me.  if this isn't possible with
syslogd-listfiles, i'll just install my old bo scripts...


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