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RE: HELP: Just upgraded and now i don't have X - An update

On 30-Jul-98 Mario Filipe wrote:
> Hi
> The subject just about says it all doesn't it?
> Everything went smooth except for X, mor exactly xbase. Whenever i try to
> compile it i get this:

        I've been doing some research i definitely believe the problem is with
either xbase or xlib6g. Why? Because i'm running the Xserver right now, and the
window manager also, but i can't run xinit, startx, xterm etc.! They all spit
out the same error. Help me please...

        Mario Filipe 
----->  http://neptuno.sc.uevora.pt/~mjnf | Agora bilingue (PT e EN)
----->                                      Now bilingual (PT and EN)

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