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Strange Debian-Install problem... and workaround

Hello root@s and root@esses !

Downloading and installing Debian-hamm-2.0 showed up :

A file problem (my god, I hoped to get rid of these M$-like messages !
Please, Dr. Debian, can you change that ?)

Install procedure stops (after having done some work, creating
directories, extracting lots of files, maybe even all of them) saying :
"File Error ! There was a problem extracting the Base System from
/shared_vfat_device/debian/hamm/hamm/disks-i386/base2_0.tgz". This
follows a fraction of second after a first error, hiding it nearly
completely. That one contains ..."/lib/terminfo: F"..., all the rest is
wiped out by the second message, which says "nothing" to me. The same
thing happens with rawritten install disks, and original tgz file
downloaded from mirrors, first from Germany, then Corea, then
ftp.debian.org (I would have tried this one first, but one must have a
kind of zen-state-of-mind, if you want to login there (-: ). It's each
the same result !

This happens on a Cyrix-133, 16M RAM, install it on an EMPTY 2.1Giga HD
(hdc, want to put it into a bigger box later) with root=500M, 128 M
swap, and all the rest free, mounted as /usr , so, guaranteed no disk
space probs ;-)

I worked around this : I installed 1.3 from CDrom (a dwarf, just enough
to make upgrade work), then used the upgrade patch (there were some
probs, too, but nothing harmful : 2 errors in the script, I could
correct myself...)

Well, I've got everything work fine (GIMP included, that was the reason
for being in a hurry, needed it "the day before yesterday", didn't want
to wait for new CD's), but I'd like to know WHAT was wrong with the base
tgz-file ? Has anyone seen something similar? What did the message MEAN
? I had the file easily uncompressed (just to see, not to work with it
;-) ) under Lose95...


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