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Re: Diald and Windows NT/95


On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Butch Kemper wrote:

> I am using Diald to maintain the PPP link on an ISDN link from a Linux box
> acting as a gateway for a local area network
> The system works well except that the link is always coming up and going
> back down after 36-37 seconds.  The link comes backup again in 19-20
> seconds and goes back down again after 36-37 seconds.
> The local area network has Windows NT and Windows 95 machines.
> I am running the standard filter that comes with Diald.
> I need some advice on:
> 	1.  What is causing the link to yo-yo and how to change the Windows
> 	    boxes to stop the yo-yo from happening.
> 	2.  How to change the diald filter to stop the yo-yo actions.

Maybe are the netbios (part of windows networking) requests to each other

You can see it easily with dctrl monitor, also there's the option to use a
packet sniffer such as tcpdump or sniffit to see what is really happening
in the network

This is what I have to avoid that (you must attach it to your /etc/diald/standard.filter

If you find it as usefull as I, we could tell to include this in future
diald packages, reply me if this is Ok to you

ignore tcp tcp.source=tcp.netbios-ns
ignore tcp tcp.dest=tcp.netbios-ns
ignore udp udp.source=udp.netbios-ns
ignore udp udp.dest=udp.netbios-ns

ignore tcp tcp.source=tcp.netbios-dgm
ignore tcp tcp.dest=tcp.netbios-dgm
ignore udp udp.source=udp.netbios-dgm
ignore udp udp.dest=udp.netbios-dgm

ignore tcp tcp.source=tcp.netbios-ssn
ignore tcp tcp.dest=tcp.netbios-ssn
ignore udp udp.source=udp.netbios-ssn
ignore udp udp.dest=udp.netbios-ssn



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