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Re: xacc brings my laptop to a crawl

Mike Roberts <roberts@cray.com> writes:

> I'm trying to use xacc in the hamm release (xacc_1.0.17-2.deb), but
> when I try to enter a number in the register window, the cursor blinks
> exceedingly fast and it brings to X server to a near standstill.  I
> can still continue, but at a snail's pace, maybe a character every 10
> seconds.  This occurs with both the lesstif and statically linked
> motif version.  So, does xacc have a bad polling mechanism or
> something or do I have my Xserver misconfigured?  
> Mike Roberts

This is actually a bug in lesstif.  (More accurately, in the libc6
lesstif contained in the package called "lesstifg")

You can fix it (supposedly, according to the lesstifg maintainer) by
installing the lesstifg from slink, version 0.84-1 or higher. (I think
the current version is something like 0.85.3-1) Once you do install
this, I _strongly_ suggest putting lesstifg on hold (with an equals
sign) in dselect.  Unfortunate mistakes with version numbering means
that the hamm lesstifg will try to come back if you don't do this.

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