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Re: kernel compile errors

cdulrich@ucdavis.edu (Chris Ulrich) writes:

|   I just recently abandoned my own linux setup and installed debian (hamm).
|   This is a pretty much stock setup -- the only thing un-debian I've done so
| far is change /bin/sh to point to pdksh, but that *shouldn't* be the problem
| because I've compiled many kernels with my old setup where I didn't even have
| bash on the system.

You've compiled this same version of the kernel with pdksh? Something
may have changed in the Makefiles where a BASH-only shell command is

I'm generally pretty leery of changing the system-wide default shell
to something different than the installation default on any Unix
system, Linux being no exception. If I have a user that wants a
different shell then I modify their entry in /etc/passwd.

Of course the easiest thing for you to do is just link /bin/sh back to 
/bin/bash and see if the kernel build works. That would certainly rule 
out problems with pdksh.

|   I've been having problems compiling a new kernel.  I downloaded the 2.0.35
| source package, and configured it.  When I just make the kernel, it makes it
| without errors, but when I try top generate a compressed kernel, it complains
| about objdump (specifically "objdump: invalid option -- k"). 
|   What am I missing?
| This is the output of make:

This isn't really related to your problem, so, consider it friendly
advice! ;)

If you're going to stick with Debian I'd recommend you seriously
consider using the kernel-package utility (make-kpkg). It makes
building and installing new kernels much easier. It works with source
trees from Debian kernel-source packages and straight kernel source.


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