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Re: kernel compile errors

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Chris Ulrich wrote:

:   I just recently abandoned my own linux setup and installed debian (hamm).
:   This is a pretty much stock setup -- the only thing un-debian I've done so
: far is change /bin/sh to point to pdksh, but that *shouldn't* be the problem
: because I've compiled many kernels with my old setup where I didn't even have
: bash on the system.
:   I've been having problems compiling a new kernel.  I downloaded the 2.0.35
: source package, and configured it.  When I just make the kernel, it makes it
: without errors, but when I try top generate a compressed kernel, it complains
: about objdump (specifically "objdump: invalid option -- k"). 
:   What am I missing?

[ snip ]

>From /usr/doc/kernel-package/Problems.gz

    i) The build keeps erring out. It fails with the following:
       objdump:  illegal option -- k

        rm `which encaps`


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