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Re: xemacs not starting unless connected to the net

nfn11988@naples.net (Keith) writes:
| My xemacs does not start unless I am connected to the internet. I do not
| use emacs for anything that needs me connected to the Net. I am assuming that
| it has something to do with the email part of xemacs is there a way
| to make it not try adn dial the net everytime I open xemacs. Regular
| emacs works fine. 

Is it not coming up at all, or is it just taking a long time, like
minutes, to come up? Try it from the command line and give it a few
minutes. If it does eventually come up then it's probably a problem
with DNS on your machine. Do a


and make sure you have a line in your /etc/hosts file that looks like:	<hostname> localhost

where <hostname> is whatever name is reported when you run the
hostname command.


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