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Re: Good tool to do WSYSIG html (or XML, SGML) editing ?

On Mon, Jul 27, 1998 at 04:22:18PM -0700, Geoff Brimhall wrote:

> For instance, QWeb displays SGML documents, but is there a corresponding WYSIYG SGML editor ?

WYSIWYG SGML editor is nonsense. Because SGML do structure markup. How it will
look depends on the filter you use to convert SGML to some other format.

Why you cannot use text editor for editing SGML document and Qweb for viewing it
in the same time?

I use TEI Lite DTD dor SGML document and suite of programs (TEItools) for
converting TEI-based documents in html/rtf/tex/text/pdf.

TEItools also include CGI-script which allows you browse TEI-based SGML
documents with any Web-browser. (http://xtalk.price.ru/TEItools)

Alexey Vyskubov

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