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Re: lexmark printers

>There are some pretty good deals on Lexmark printers at my
>University.  They use PCL5 and PS emulation.  Anybody have any experience
>with Lexmark's emulation and Linux ?  I've heard that the emulation isn't
>perfect.  Since they don't support Linux, they are not likely to offer any
>solutions.  Any one come across any notable problems with the printer output?

Actually, I've found their technical people quite helpful (Ok, I was using
Solaris at the time, but I don't recall actually telling them that). There
is complete documentation of their parallel-port protocol (NPAP) available
at their FTP site, should you decide that just dumping your files out the
parallell port isn't good enough.

Their PS emulation is not really worse than anybody elses (I've seen far
worse postscript interpreters). In general, I find their Optra line to
be quite decent printers.


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