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Re: lexmark printers

On Sun, 26 Jul 1998, G. Crimp wrote:

> 	There are some pretty good deals on Lexmark printers at my
> University.  They use PCL5 and PS emulation.  Anybody have any experience
> with Lexmark's emulation and Linux ?  I've heard that the emulation isn't
> perfect.  Since they don't support Linux, they are not likely to offer any
> solutions.  Any one come across any notable problems with the printer output
> ?

We use a Lexmark Optra RX+ networked. I have direct net access from my
Linux box, works good in either postscript mode or sending PCL or ascii
files to it. It also works well with direct parallel port connection.

I'll send the print cap and the other setings for the network connection
if you want.

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