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Re: Getting Samba working on BO

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Doug Thistlethwaite wrote:

> This is probably a stupid question, but I guess I'll ask it anyways.

Not as bad as some I've asked :)  Sorry to take so long to reply, I am
sometimes really slow about reading the mailing lists I'm on.

> How do I get Samba working on my BO system.  I used dselect to download and
> install it.  I have looked through the files but I have not seen anything with
> debian specific information in it.  I have a win95 system on the same network
> and it does not seem to see the debian system.  Is there a file telling me who
> extra steps need to be done to enable it?

I'm going to take a guess that samba is working and that maybe your Win95
machine needs a kick in the seat.  I hope this helps...

1.Go into Control Panel, click Networks

2.Find the box that has the phrase "The following network components are

Note: You can have lines I don't even mention and not have a problem.  I
think what matters is that the following IS there.

3.There should be:
   - a line that says "Client for Microsoft Networks"
   - a line with the name of your network card
     (example: "NE2000 Compatible")
   - a line that says "TCP/IP ->" followed by your network card
     (example: "TCP/IP -> NE200 Compatible")

4.Click on the TCP/IP -> your network card line, then click the Properties

5.At the top of the "TCP/IP Properties" window, click the "Bindings" tab.

6.The words "Client for Microsoft Networks" should be there and the little
box next to it should have a check mark in it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask...

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