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Re: printing 2.0 beta

Richard Sevenich <rsevenic@blinn.sirti.org> wrote:
> 	lpr filename - produces no printer activity, but does queue file.
> 	cat filename > /dev/lp1 - produces message
> 		"/dev/lp1: Device not configured."
> 	dmesg reports
> 		"lp: Driver configured but no interfaces found."

The kernel is not initializing your parallel port.

> 	There is a recognized iomega parallel port zip attached.

The kernel is initializing your zip drive?  You say these worked in
1.3, but had you compiled your own kernel back then?  a zip drive and
a printer can not be used at the same time with stock kernel.  It
requires one of the following solutions:

1) install the parport kernel patch (search www.linuxhq.com) and
recompile a custom kernel.  I don't think the debian kernel has this
addon installed by default.  It allows you to share the parallel port
between many devices.

2) Use modules for lp and ppa.  They can't bothe be loaded at the same 
time without the above parport patch to the kernel so you have to swap 
them in an out:
   a) Do it by hand everytime you want to switch from using your zip
      drive to your printer and vice versa (painfully)
   b) Don't load either at startup (check /etc/modules)
      and let kerneld load them only when they are
      needed automatically.  Each will be unloaded about 60 seconds
      after you stop using it.  Still can't use them both at the same
      time without the parport patch, but swapping is automatic this way.


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