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Re: X display problem

XFree86 doesn't support NeoMagic chipsets, except with the VGA16 server which
supports, you guessed it, only 16 colors and crappy resolution (up to 640x480?). There
are two commercial linux X servers which support the chipset, and they are not cheap.
Write an email to NeoMagic registering your disgust that they won't allow XFree86 to
get the technical specs without restriction. CC that email to your laptop

Matthew Myers wrote:

> I have recently installed debian on a laptop.  It has the NeoMagic chipset,
> and I have read all the files and tried numerous configurations.  My problem
> is, the screen comes up blank.  X is running, because when I click with the
> mouse it runs the hd.  When I exit X, I can see all the server messages and
> it reports no errors.  What could cause a blank screen when in X?
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Jens B. Jorgensen

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