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Re: Mirror question

Tom Pfeifer <mailmisc@snet.net> writes:
| I'm trying to set up a mirror of the i386 hamm distribution using the  dists/frozen/main directory at
| ftp.debian.org site as the source.
| It's mostly working except for one thing. The symbolic links  in the binary-i386 directories (and the
| files they point to) are never downloaded/ updated. For each of those links I get a message from mirror
| that it's not symlinking that file.
| Right now I'm using mirror from the command line (no config file) like this:
| cd /root/packages/dists/frozen/main/binary-i386/
| mirror -uanonymous -gftp.debian.org:/debian/dists/frozen/main/binary-i386/
| As I said, it works fine for all non-linked files.  I don't see any more command line options that will
| help, so it looks like I need a config file.
| I'm plowing through the mirror man page , but in the mean time I have 2 questions:
| 1) Is it possible to get mirror to handle the links and download files into a local binary-all directory
| when mirroring the binary-i386 directories - or do I need to do this in two steps
| 2)  Can anyone point me to some information that may help get this done, or at least to an example mirror
| config file that does a similar operation to what I'm trying.

First, it would be greatly appreciated if you shortened the lines in
your posts/email. Generally 65-70 characters per line is considered
optimal as that allows someone to quote your post without it looking
like crap, as it does above.

Second, it's generally a good idea to search the mailing list archives
to see if your question has already been answered. It has, by me, not
too long ago. The archives can be accessed via the URL


Specifically, my config file can be found at the following URL



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