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Re: LOST /dev/zero file. HELP!!!

Quoting wmoniz@trapdoor.aracnet.net (wmoniz@trapdoor.aracnet.net):
> We have accidentally lost our entire /dev directory.  Many commands now
> return the following type of message:
> dynamic linker: ls: Cannot open /dev/zero for file /lib/libprot.so.1
> Killed
> Can we somehow restore this directory and all the device listings
> including the apparently crucial /dev/zero WITHOUT a complete
> re-install?  We don't want to reboot beacause we're pretty sure the
> system won't come back up.  PLEASE help if you any ideas!!!

  /dev/MAKEDEV -c generic
  /dev/MAKEDEV -c update

If you also lost /dev/MAKEDEV, send another email that gives your
debian_version so someone can help you get another copy. _DO NOT_ reboot
unless you have a rescue floppy, your system _will not_ boot properly.
If you do have a rescue floppy, you can use it to rebuild your /dev
tree. I'll wait on the answer to /dev/MAKEDEV before running through
instructions for the rescue floppy.

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