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Re: linux + win95: linux boot partition/1024 cylinder limit

On Tue, Jul 14, 1998 at 06:42:19PM +0000, Patrick Meidl wrote:
> after reading the relevant FAQs, HowTOs, installation instructions etc. 
> I recognized that all bootable partitions must start before the 1024th 
> cylinder (I would like to use LILO), so I thought the best solution 
> might be to have these partitions:

With LBA this appears to be incorrect. I have previously had systems
booting Linux from the last 500mb of a 1.6gb drive; the 1024 limit
only takes you to 528mb or so. I boot NT 2gb into a 6gb drive; no problem.

I have never encountered any 1024 cylinder problem with Linux. I wish
the documentation would not keep spreading these ideas.

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