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Re: suggest a backup media

If you haven't made your decision yet look at the Seagate Tapestore 8G
(TR-4). You can find them for under $200 (check pricewatch.com) and they
usually come with a tape.  They come in ide or scsi internal/external. 
They are fast and effective.  I have one and love it.


| On Sat, 27 Jun 1998, the lone gunman wrote:
| I'm unsure of what backup media I should go with for my Linux system.
| I have a 4 gig harddrive.
| I'm thinking about CD-R or Travan-4 tape backup.  I'm pulling hairs,
| though, trying to determine which is better (for me, anyway).  I'd
| like to go with DAT, but the drives are too expensive.
| There are scsi CD-R drives for around $400 or so, and the HP T4
| (Travan 4) internal scsi tape unit is about the same as for price (I
| think).  I cannot afford to go any higher.
| CD-R seems a better route, with the low media costs, and that most
| cd-roms can read my backups.  Retrieval would also be considerably
| faster.
| But, I read a long FAQ about CD-R, and the Linux Cd-writing howto, and
| CD burning makes me nervous because it's so sensitive.  I'm worried cd
| backups may fail, and my computer is probably pretty useless while I'm
| burning.  One 4 gig Travan-4 tape would pretty much do me, and the
| process is a bit simpler.  Plus, I don't think there's too much of a
| difference in write speed for CD-R and scsi Travan-4.
| Can anyone offer any suggestions?  Perhaps a link to a backup
| comparison site or something?  (Since this topic has probably been
| beaten to death!).

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