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Re: suggest a backup media

On Sun, Jun 28, 1998 at 12:50:34PM -0400, paulwade@greenbush.com wrote:
> CDR has definite advantages. I had a SCSI 2x running fine on a 386 40mhz
> with 8mb of RAM and a 1gig IDE drive. If I generated the iso image on the
> box it was a little slow, so I nfs exported the directory with rw and
> no_root_squash options. This allowed me to build a backup volume from
> a faster machine on the network. It took little more time than it would to
> copy a 650mb image over ethernet. I was careful not to run any servers on
> the 386 so I left the network connected while roasting CD's. I even used
> the virtual consoles to telnet around my network while burning discs. I
> never had a problem keeping the CDR buffer filled. If I do this type of
> setup again, I will even try heavily pinging the box while recording and
> requesting all kinds of connects to get it busy writing to log files.

Considering this...  I have 96mb of memory, more than I need for
anything, really.  Is there anyway I could designate some of this
memory into a virtual buffer for a CD-R, to further lessen the effect
of CD write errors?

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