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Re: window manager cofiguration

On Mon, 13 Jul 1998, Tom Malloy wrote:

>Some window managers require you to have a mouse in a window for it to be
>active. Others allow you to click the mouse in the window and it stays
>active even if you move the mouse away.  This is probably adjustable in
>the configuration files for each window manager.  What is this feature
>called and do I turn it off or on.  Thank You

I have seen this called "Focus Follows Mouse" vs "Click To Focus".  Most
(but not all) window managers will let you change this.  To find it
quickly, I suggest you search on "focus" in the rc file, and if that
doesn't work, do the same search in the man page.

Do you turn it on or off?  Totally up to you. People often have trouble
getting used to "focus follows mouse", but I don't know very many people
who have used both and still prefer "click to focus".


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