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Re: Xconsole vs "security"

>> Daniel Martin at cush wrote:
>> > The question, I think, is that you are concerned because when you dial
>> > up, the password to your isp gets logged by the chat program, and so
>> > appears in the xconsole window.  You worry that anyone you give an
>> > account to can call up xconsole and thereby see your ISP password,
>> > which would be a bad thing.
>>   That's right !
>> > Ok, to begin with you can make it so that chat doesn't log your
>> > password by putting a "\q" in front of it.  In my chatscript
>> > (/etc/ppp.chatscript on a Debian 1.3.1 machine) I have:
>>   I forgot to say that I'm using a ISDN card and my script use ippd ! So the
>> passwordis on /etc/ppp/isdn-auth !

 Do you have the option +pwlog enabled in /etc/isdn/ipppd.ippp0 ?
 Disabling this makes the passwords to _not_ be logged.


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