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RE: SOLUTION? how to hold mail in another machine temporarily

Carlos Carvalho <carlos@fisica.ufpr.br> writes:
>I asked some days ago here how to make another machine hold the mail
>while the main mail server is down. People told me to put another MX
>record in the dns to point to the temporary machine.
>Sure this is necessary, but I don't think it's enough. First, the temp
>machine must recognize all users, otherwise it'll bounce the message.

    No.  The MX records determine who to send the mail to, not what the to
    address is.  As long as any spam-filtering and anti-relaying software 
    is configured that you are relaying mail to the primary machine, then
    it will take it all and wait until that system comes up to send it.

>Second, I'd like it to not only queue the mail but *dump it on the
>main one when it comes up*. If I just put the MX record, the secondary
>will hold the mail in IT'S /var/spool/mail, and users will not
>automatically get it.

    Well, instantly is going to be tough, you'll have to wait until the
    specific mail hits it's retry time as it polls the system until it's

    I know in experiences where my mail file was too big (didn't notice
    right away) and the SMTP server wasn't able to deliver to my account,
    when I fixed it,  it was within 5 minutes before the floodgates started.


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