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Re: synchronizing console, xterm and rxvt using bash.

Alan Eugene Davis wrote:
> A recent blow up with new xtide version not working as I expected led
> to the revelation (should I have known?) that rxvt is not sourcing
> /etc/profile.  This led to one of the environment variables being set
> not as usually, and the program acted like it was broken, when it
> wasn't (a tribute to Dave Flater: it hardly ever acts broken...).
> This leads me to believe that the flakiness of the x consoles I
> use---rxvt and xterm---and have lived with is not tolerable, in two
> ways: in the matter of not sourcing /etc/profile, and in the
> variable behavior with bash keystrokes.
> Ever since when, I have been bothered by that xterms and other X11
> shells etc. don't really act like bash on the console.  Now as ever.
> Although rxvt does the keys basically right, and under the right
> circumstances (TM) can do readline, in some debian package releases.
> Recently there seems to have been another change, but now I guess it's
> "working".
> Xterm I cannot get to act normally in this way...  Bash readline,
> etc., doesn't work at all.  Xterm is better in some other respects.
> The bottom line is that these two windows, the best of the bunch as
> far as I last determined (some time ago), don't work the same as a
> Where is rxvt getting its variables, and what needs to be done to
> assure the rxvt sources /etc/profile?
> Alan

	This is in addition to what Joerg said.  Getting in sync in terms of the
keys is a real pain in the ^&%^&%^&.  For me, it involved customized
versions of default.map (kernel keymap), linux.ti (console terminfo),
xterm.ti (xterm terminfo), and Xresources for Xterm VT100 translations (I
had trouble with rxvt here - I'm now just using xterm).  Unfortunately, the
ones provided by default are barely adequate (aside from the
Backspace-Delete issue).  Key events like Alt-Enter aren't supported in
xterm without a lot of tinkering.  This has been a long running project with
linux for me.  I've finally after months of on and off tinkering, got
midnight commander to act (in terms of keys) identically in XTerm as well as
X.  If your curious, I can send you my files as examples.


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