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Re: X-window for debian2.0beta

> I have installed the base system of debian2.0beta,
> and I want to setup X-Windows too,
> (1) can I use the packages of X-window on the CD-ROM
>      of debian 1.3.1R6 (distributed by Cheapbytes.)

Well, the answer to this question is not easy. Transition between 1.3 to 2.0
is assiciated with the changes of the c library, all the packages had to be
recompiled with new library. And though we have support for running old
binaries, huge packages like X could break.
You would be much better off downloading new X packages from ftp.debian.org

> (2) can I use the others applications' packages on the captioned
>      CD-ROM.

The same thing as before, not recommended, but some of them will run with no
problems whatsoever.

Alex Y.
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