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Re: Where is lapack-dev ?

>>>>> "I" == Ionut Borcoman at debian <borco@mailbox.ro> writes:

    I> The package 'cfortran', sugested by Christopher Lee
    I> <chrislee@ri.cmu.edu> looked more appropriate for what I'm
    I> needing.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work for matrixes bigger
    I> than 14x14. Or maybe I've done again something wrong.

I am not sure what this means.  cfortran.h is a header file for
exporting Fortran functions to C.  Did you use this to call
BLAS/Lapack from C and get the wrong answer when using large
matrices?  If this is the case, I would definitely like to know what
went wrong (what size matrix, what BLAS/Lapack functions, what error
mode).  You can use cpp to see what cfortran.h does for your
particular function declaration.

Christopher Lee

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