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Re: kde (and K memory leak question)

> I also have another question about K.  I seem to be experiencing
> fairly signifigant memory leaks from it.  I started and quit X a few times
> today andended up losing about 5 megs of memory somewhere.  I've run other
> windowmanagers and this doesn't happen.  Does anyone else experience this?

I am running K 1.0pre2 which I compiled from the source code on a Debian slink
system.  There's little doubt to me that it leaks memory.  It's frustrating
because it's hard to pin down what's causing it.  I used to think it was caused
by using the file manager 'kfm' to view Web pages (I commonly open up a new
'kfm' window to look at some Web page or other), but now I'm not so sure.  The
only thing I know is that the X server process keeps getting bigger without
bound as I accrue more uptime in KDE.

Roy Bixler
The University of Chicago Press

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