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Where configuration is stored on Debian systems

On Tue, 7 Jul 1998 CHUCK@URIACC.URI.EDU wrote:

> In a reply to an installation question you said (in part) With Debian
> you "With Debian you only have to keep a minimum of configuration data
> stored on a couple of floppies to completely rebuild a working system
> from scratch." 
> Is there a list somewhere of what those configuration data are?

/etc and everything below that is a good candidate.  In Debian all
packages are supposed to put their configuration data in (subdirectories
of) the /etc directory.

/var has theoretically only dynamic data, but some of that may be quite
valuable nevertheless; /var/www for instance is where (most) apache
configurations store webpages.  IIRC bind puts DNS data in /var/named.  If
you keep important mail in your inbox instead of saving it to a mail
folder, it's probably in /var/spol/mail/$USER

Of course, I left out user home directories, as they (should) contain no
data that is critical to rebuild a working system.  It greatly depends on
the user how many floppies you'd need to back up that data.



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