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REPOST: Diald routing (Help!)

> Hi!
> Im using Debian for a year on 2 of my home boxes. One is my workstation
> and the other is a 486. This second box serves the local net with samba
> and internet connection through masquerading and squid.
> Last week I upgraded to 2.0 and started to play with diald so my father
> don't have to telnet the gateway every time he wants to do something on
> the net.
> Diald is already dialing when it should but the routing table is not
> being updated.
> Is there any problem with diald that prevents it from working out of the
> box with Debian? Im using the "pon" command as the dialer in
> diald.options.
> Thanks to all.
> BTW.: Sorry about my english. Im not a native speaker. ;^)

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