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Getting notebook internal modem to work.

I recently got a rather brilliant pc notebook, and have been able to utilize just about everthing it has through debian and recompiling the kernel.

Except for one thing - the internal modem.

setserial does not detect the modem's COM port, nor the irq (it does register the regular external serial port though). 

In fact, something rather strange is going on with the modem because even Windoze did not register the modem's COM port until the driver was properly loaded for it. 

What Windoze registered, before the driver, was the DMA and IRQ of the device - but really had no idea what to do with it until the driver was loaded. Then suddenly the COM port was present.

Any ideas on how to get it to work ? I've tried hard-coding setserial to use the IRQ and COM ports for the modem, but it just does not register anything. Somehow linux needs to link more tightly the DMA to the IRQ ?

Thanks !
Geoff Brimhall

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