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Re: FTP Installation Problem

> I appreciate your help.
Quite welcome.  I'm going to be leaving the lab for the day in a few
minutes,  but I'll help if I can tomorrow.

> I did run pon first and listened to it dial-up.
Did it connect successfully?  Were you able to telnet or ping or anything?  
(I realize this seems silly,  but sometimes it's the connection that's

If so,  then the problem really is a dselect or dpkg one rather than a ppp

> I printed the url pages to obtain the directories.
Ok,  then you've probably got them right.  Let's see -- this is what I
remember offhand of the questions dselect and its ftp method usually ask:

site: (I use llug.sep.bnl.gov,  but you might use ftp.debian.org or
debian directory:  (for me, /debian ...)
distribution to get:  hamm/hamm hamm/non-free hamm/contrib
	(this'll get the main,  non-free and contrib dists for hamm)
use a proxy: n
login: ftp
password: youremail@yourhost.com/org/edu

				good luck...

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