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Re: Problem with modules_install

You could use make-kpkg, I've found that it works great.  What is
everyone's aversion to using the kernel-package anyway?  There are so many
problems with people trying to install custom kernels without it.

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On Mon, 6 Jul 1998 graeve@cistron.nl wrote:

> Last couple of days I've tried to make a new kernel and modules to get
> my AWE64 working.
> I've made the linux, asm and scsi links to the source, made a config
> file with make menuconfig and then I did make dep bzImage modules
> Now I try to install my modules but everytime it fails with the
> message cp ***.o ( all the modules fail to copy ) no such file or
> directory.
> What am I doing wrong or am I missing something ?

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